Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih Lagi Maha Penyayang

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

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Chapter I



  1. Background of study

Guava fruit is one type of shrubs. This plant comes from the Brazilian Central America, spread to Thailand and then to other Asian countries like Indonesia. Until now have been cultivated and spread widely in the areas of Java. Guava is often referred to klutuk guava, cashew siki, or pink stones. Cashew is then carried out a cross by cuttings or grafting with other type, so finally getting greater results with fewer seeds circumstances do not even have seeds that are named Guava Bangkok because the occurrence of Bangkok.
Today the development of guava cultivation has spread widely to many countries in the world. Therefore, guava was known by many people in the world. In the ASEAN region, Thailand is one country that puts developers guava become a commercial commodity, following the then Taiwan and Malaysia. While in Indonesia the development of guava generally been limited in an effort perkarangan not in commercial ventures. Guava only in planting for shade and fruit for family consumption or relatives. Though guava when cultivated commercially can bring huge profits because the price of guava high enough and stable. The purpose of this study is to cultivate guava through grafting system.


  1. Identify the problem

Based on above background, problems that will arise include

1. Everything what a way to cultivate guava?

2. What is the efficacy of guava?

3. How do I transplant guava?

4. What results on gain from transplantation guava?

5. What part of guava utilized by humans?


  1. Restricted problem


For research and discussion of this can be done more cerman, then the problem is limited research on the third and fourth points above identification problem, namely:

1. How grafting guava

2. What results on gain from transplantation guava


D. Formulation of the problem

Based on background, identification, and restrictions on the problems mentioned above, the formulation of research as follows:

1. How do I transplant guava?

2. What results we get from the grafting guava?

E. The purpose of the study

The purpose of this study are:

1. To find out how the cultivation of guava through grafting
2. To find out the results of transplantation guava

F. Benefits of research

The benefits of this research are:

1. To find the correct way of grafting

2. Getting a good fruit


















Chapter II

Study theory

1. Study theory

A.1. Transplantation

There are many ways you can do in developing crop cultivation. in general we know the two ways breeding plants, namely natural and artificial vegetative. but we will discuss this is through vegetative breeding artificial. because this method is often implemented for crop cultivation. For example, grafting, ducked, and connecting. Here I will only discuss one way of breeding plants that are included in the artificial vegetative, That is grafting. According grafting is one way cheap and easy to breed plants. transplants performed to obtain a better descent on a plant, so that utilization of these plants become more optimal. example transplant on guava plant. with guava plant grafting, we can get a better fruit than plants grown. and certainly the relatively shorter Grafting itself is actually an event translocation, by slicing the stem in the phloem, while the xylem is left intact. After a while there will be swelling in the section on the cut because there are piles of organic material. Bulging section scar is called callus. In dicotyledonous plant stems or roots, if injured there will be efforts to improve the with callus formation and with the help of hormones cambium wounds or sores (traumalin acid). Translocation can also be observed in the expenditure of sap in the process of tapping. In propagation by grafting rootstock is not necessary because in this way rooting out directly from parent trees grafted branch. Vegetative propagation by cuttings, in principle, grow the plant parts or pieces, so that a new plant. Excess seed Vegetative crop quality offspring have exactly the same nature with its parent, aged early maturing seeds (fast fruiting). An example is the mangosteen fruit from seed wet nurse to five years after planting, whereas seedlings from new seeds bear fruit 10-15 years after planting. Another example is the grafting of durian seedlings to bear fruit 4-6 years after planting, whereas seedlings from seeds will bear fruit after aged more than 10 years after planting.

While from the info I can on wkipedia in agriculture, transplantation is a means of vegetative propagation by allowing a part of the plant to grow roots while part is still connected with the parent plant. In a technical sense in Indonesia, the transplant in English literature as water layering. Another layering type known in Indonesia as perundukan (ground layering). Meanwhile, according to AAK transplant is a way to multiply the fruit trees are nature-the exact same as the parent trees in these grafts

In the transplant (also known as marcotting), a stem section (usually a branch) scraped the skin to look wooden. Part of this open and then wrapped with a material that can store water and then bandaged with waterproof material, such as plastic. Stimulating hormone rooting plants are sometimes given. After a few weeks usually have quite a lot of roots and tillers formed is separated from the parent tree.


A.2. Guava

Cashew stone (Psidium guajava) or often called guava, guava and guava klutuk siki is a tropical plant from Brazil, spread to Indonesia via Thailand. Cashew stones have a green fruit with white flesh colored or red fruit and sweet-sour taste. Guava fruit stones known to contain many vitamins C.

A.3. Guava Cultivation Through Transplantation

Transplantation is one way to cultivate a crop. Transplant guava done to get the most out of the guava.

2. Research hypothesis

Based on the above theory allegedly "guava cultivation through grafting system is much better"



Chapter III

Methodology of resea

3.1.            Methodology of research


research methodology that I use is quasi-experimental research. I use this methodology because I immediately saw the object which I will carefully


3.2.            population and sample


3.2.1.      population research

all existing plants in pasir mukti

3.2.2.      Sample research

Guava plant in pasir mukti


3.3.            Date and place

Date: 20th December 2010

Place: Pasir Mukti Bogor


3.4.            Stages of research


  1. Seeking information from the Pasir Mukti about the transplant
  2. Noting the important things are in need of research
  3. Matching information in the can from Pasir Mukti with several theories exist in library books
  4. Seeking additional information from the internet

3.5.            Implementation research

I visited pasir mukti in 20th December to conduct this research. There I saw a   few pilot plants that use graft system include guava plants.


3.6.            Data collection

I collect this data from the research, Internet, and several theories exist in several books









Chapter IV


Results from the research I do is that cultivate guava with grafting system will get better results, because the result of grafting will follow from our plant graft. As long as we grafting guava plants are good then we will get good results too. Mesh can also save time because the grafting time is faster than we grow from seed. How grafting is also not difficult, here's how grafting and the materials we need:
Tools and materials:

-          grafting knife

-          Plastic Clear

-    Rope

-    Media grafting (cocofit or ground)

-    guava tree (an excellent crop condition)

How grafting:

1. Preparing the graft media (cocofit / land) were given a little water and then inserted into the plastic

2. Selecting the branches for grafting are pointing up, because its branches should be more flat, it's woody, not too old, and not too young

3. Rodent under buds distance between two bond 3-4 cm ago in remove the skin

4. Discard cambium in the trunk with the way in scrape after that let stand for 1-2 hours in the tide of new plastic

5. Plastic Temple was completed, the media and then tied with a strong graft

How to care:

- Watering 2 days (give holes in plastic first) flush grafts moist media
-   Wait 2-3 months until the roots are brown, then cut those roots, but do not  cut the leaves until they run out

-          The failure occurred because the binding is not too strong and the cambium is not clean

-          The advantages of grafting:

-          The price is cheaper 

-          The time on the need to grow faster 

-          Will generate superior plant 

-          Disadvantages of grafting: difficult to find superior plants for the transplant 

Chapter V




  1. Conclusion
    From the research I do, I can be concluded that the faster grafting cultivation to planting seeds, the results obtained is quite good, and the results will be obtained from transplants just like the results we get from our seed


  1. Suggestion
    If we want to grow plants, especially in the guava recommend using grafting system of quality seeds in order to get the maximum results









  3. Buku pembudidayaan tanaman th 2004 oleh AAK











Curriculum vitae


My name is Adila Rahmansyah, I was born in Jakarta (15 April 1996), first son from Mr.Iriansyah and Mrs.Rahmidayati. I completed primary school in Jakarta (2008), and now I am a student of Sudirman International Junior High School grade 9


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