Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih Lagi Maha Penyayang

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

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Mesh is a quick and efficient in plant breeding. With so grafting is one way to prevent the extinction of plants. Now more and more orange needs .var by grafting, Mesh is a clean and peel to remove the branch or twig cambium along 5-10 cm. Dicotyledonous plants are transplanted will have a root fibers, not the root of riding.

B. IDENTIFICATION MASALAH grafting is the perfect solution to prevent the extinction of rare plants? grafting requires a lot of cost and effort? grafting takes a long time? only certain types of bias orange grafted?

5.what benefit is obtained from grafting?

6. grafting?


That research can be done well, the problem of research is limited in point 5dan 6, namely:

1.what benefit is obtained from grafting?

2. grafting?


Based on belakang.identifikasi background, and the formulation of the above problems, the formulation of this study as follows:

  1. what advantage is gained from grafting
  2. . How do I transplant?


The purpose of the research was:

1.For know the benefits of grafting

2.untuk menegtahui how mencangkokk


The benefits of this research are as follows

  1. know the benefits of grafting





A1 Fruit jeruk Jeruk or limes are all members of the genus Citrus flowering plants of the tribe Rutaceae (orange-jerukan tribe). Its members form a tree with fleshy fruit with a sour taste fresh, although many of its members who have a sweet taste. Sour taste comes from citric acid content which is to be contained in all of its members.
The name "orange" is sometimes also attributed to some other clan members who are allied in the same tribe, as kingkit. In everyday language, the mention of "orange" or "lime" (in Sumatra and Malaysia) often means "tangerine" or "sweet orange". In Java, "lime" (or "limo") means "lemon".

Oranges are very diverse and some species can intersect and produce interspecies hybrids ('interspecific hybrid) which has a distinctive character, which differs from its parental species. This variety is often difficult for classification, naming and recognition of its members, because new people can see the difference after the flowers or fruit appear. The result is not clear how many of its kind. Recent studies indicate is a strong relationship with the genus Fortunella Citrus (kumkuat), Poncirus, and Microcitrus and Eremocitrus, so there is the possibility of the merger. Citrus itself has two anakmarga (subgenus), the Citrus and papeda.

Originally oranges are from East Asia and Southeast Asia, forming an arc that stretches from Japan continue south until then veering westward toward the eastern India. Sweet orange and citron (lemon) originated from East Asia, while grapefruit, lemon and lime from Southeast Asia.
Many members of the oranges which are utilized by humans as food, fragrances, and industrial. Citrus fruit is a source of vitamin C and the fragrance / perfume essential. The leaves are also used as spices.

a.Kajian theory

a.2.Budidaya transplant

grafting or grafting is a technique which darting through the breeding of plants suitable for planting in the side because pot.di buahnyaterjaga same qualities as its parent also have a tree which grew not too high.Pohon dikembangbikan with transplant techniques ttidak dg mempunyaiakar riding. Plants that can be transplanted is hard woody fruit plants / berkambium eg mango, guava, water guava, citrus, etc..


Research Methodology


The methodology of literature research carried out in glittering is a description method that is aimed at explaining budidaaya tnutuk ccangkok of citrus fruit


Population researchers

Population research are all types of citrus

Sample researchers

tasking using a random sample of citrus seedlings as random from all citrus seedlings


Observation is done for to get picture of graft on citrus fruit cultivation to know how do I



Done to obtain other data is needed, such as whether all the orange can in the graft as well as other data on the need

c. Time and place

• Place : Pasir Mukti Tourism Garden Jl. Raya Tajur Pasirmukti km.4 Citeurup - Bogor.
• Time: 20 November 2010021) 8794 3866



















Grafting or grafting is a distinguished plant breeding techniques are very suitable for planting in the pot. In addition because of his men maintained the same quality like its parent also have a tree does not grow too tall. Dg yg tree cultivated graft technique will have no roots upside.
Plants which can be grafted is hard woody fruit plants or berkambium. For example: Mango, guava, cashew water, oranges, etc..


Equipment required:

  1. A strong and sharp knife
  1. Coconut fiber or plastic crackle.
  2. String or rubber tires in the former.
  3. nail length 10 cm.
  4. Bucket or any other media to hold water.
  5. chair / ladder / stegger, if the branch is too high.
  6. Mixed fertile soil: manure: sawdust ratio of 1:1:1 serabuk

Grafting steps:

  1. First, make sure that the landlord is of high yielding varieties of crops, so the results later are also seeds.
  2. Determine which branches straight and is big enough for the tree will be strong enough for independence. About the size of the child's wrist or a diameter of 3 cm.
  3. Next, copy the base of the branch using the knife. Slice once again from the first keratan is about one fist or 5 cm.
  4. Discard the skin between keratan earlier.

5. After the clean bark, scrape mucus / sap it clean and not slippery wood anymore.

6. Take the coconut fiber or plastic tie bottom to taste first.

7. Form in such a way as to form a container, fill with soil mixture which has been prepared. The contents should be fairly solid with pressed-way tap.

8. Tie the top of the fiber or plastic and make sure the soil mix tightly sealed.

9. Make the holes for water drainage is 1 cm inter-hole (if the medium is plastic).

10. Pour water until water drips from the graft.

Wait about 4-6 weeks before the graft is ready to be separated from its mother. Remember always to water the transplanted every morning and evening. To ensure that the grafted plants which have become, check out the roots of which are already quite a lot, usually until menembuas plastic or fiber wrapping

. If these conditions are already eligible, cut the plant from its parent. We recommend using the saw for cutting the crop is not damaged.
Cut the leaves and twigs. reserving a few leaves saja.tunngu some time and see the results

  1. research object

Authors conducted this study to make a report to fulfill the task in the language classroom. Moreover, the authors also want to know what is the definition and use of hydroponics. By making this report, the authors could add to knowledge about hydroponics and how to report the good and true.

c. Time and place

• Place: Pasir Mukti Tourism Garden Jl. Raya Tajur Pasirmukti km.4 Citeurup - Bogor.
• Time: 20 November 2010021) 8794 3866






  1. Conclusion

    Apparently, by grafting we can plant all kinds of fruit with cheap materials and simple.caranya easy, and does not take a long time
  2. Suggestion

• To Pasir Mukti: would be better if the sand grafting mukti create special programs for children of other students understand
• For the school: it would be better if more schools implement grafting techniques for students to understand and mencontohkanya anzak home C. Implication


If this report is less clear or less understood and berguan diamaafkan beg for masah front and another for guidance report








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